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At the School of Design, we are proud that more than 85 per cent of our graduates find jobs in the field of design.

Our dedicated studio and specialist spaces meet the specific needs of our areas of study and offer you a supportive and motivating environment where you have the chance to interact with fellow students and learn from each other. Design communication, context and cultural themes are fundamental to all of our design degree programme streams.

We also provide you with opportunities to develop and showcase your creative talent through competition entry, seminars and the end-of-year student exhibitions, ‘Debrief’ and ‘Collections’, which are highlights of the Otago Polytechnic calendar. 

We give our students plenty of 'real-world' opportunities, including an exciting new initiative with Glassons in 2015. The Australasian retailer will be partnering with our 3rd Year Design students, challenging them to interpret its new brand strategy: Made of Here. A chance for our students to get some truly international experience!


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Prepare for your dream career in the fashion industry! Specific to the study of fashion at this level are the industry-and-research-driven themes of patternmaking, garment construction, materials and the collaborative and holistic nature of the design projects  these skills enable. Innovative design and production through creative exploration, applied research and collective enterprise, is encouraged and facilitated and is realised through the use of advanced, industry-specific skills.

Each year, students from the Bachelor of Design (Fashion) showcase their creations in ‘Collections’. Third-year graduate collections are the main focus of this event and students have the chance to display their design ethos, creativity and skill through their garments.

We also offer the Certificate in Fashion Studies, designed to lead into the Bachelor of Design (Fashion) where you can build upon your skills and knowledge to further your career prospects.

Fashion at Otago Polytechnic also has strong links with iD Dunedin and Ali McD Model Agency.

Learn more about the Certificate in Fashion Studies (Level 4) and the Bachelor of Design (Fashion)


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  • COM 1246x710 Adele SMith illustration for Gas Works Museum
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  • COM 1246x710 melissa hooper living campus
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  • COM 1246x710 vincent egan graphic novel

Communication Design encompasses a wide range of media and processes. Study with us and learn about key areas of this exciting design field including storytelling, graphic design, photography, branding and advertising, moving image, illustration, web design, interactive media and interaction design. You will be involved in a variety of exciting projects, ranging from blue-sky to client-based, and will gain over 100 weeks in a design studio environment!

Learn more about the Bachelor of Design (Communication)


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Product designers can help everyone live a more comfortable, productive and sustainable life. Think about all of the objects you engage with on a day to day basis - product designers ask how these can be better designed to enhance your experience as a user. They respond to the needs of society, think about market opportunities, consider issues from new perspectives and devise solutions to our challenges. And because the problems product designers are addressing are as diverse and rapidly-changing as the society we live in, they need the ability to adapt and think laterally. For this reason, Otago Polytechnic's Bachelor of Design (Product) prepares you for a wide range of career paths within the extremely broad field of professional design. This broad-based programme ensures you have some understanding of other specialisations to be able to proactively respond to our society, create new products or redesign existing ones, and apply technical knowledge and conceptual skills to achieve sustainable products.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Design (Product) 


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Interior design is a discipline that combines skill and knowledge about human activity in the built environment. It involves creative problem-solving that explores the use of space, aesthetics of materials, finishes, colour and proportion. This activity is underpinned by empathy and understanding of peoples’ physical, emotional and functional needs and the ongoing needs of our environment.

The interior designer plans and creates private and public spatial solutions. Design projects can cover a large range, from domestic spaces (residential design), work place interiors (commercial design), shop and mall interiors (retail design), bars, cafes, restaurants (hospitality), leisure spaces such as spas and resorts, and even stage sets and exhibitions.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Design (Interiors)

Creative Studies

Gain a foundation in drawing and mixed media, creative processes and digital design, and choose from a range of Art and Design-based studio papers. Benefit from the opportunity to work within our extensive design facilities and flourish under the guidance of highly skilled and enthusiastic tutors.

Learn more about the Certificate in Creative Studies 

Graduate and postgraduate

Looking to continue with your design studies? Study a graduate or postgraduate qualification and become a specialist in design! Study a Graduate Diploma in Design and achieve an applied qualification to complement your degree in a specialist area of design. Ideal if you are a professional designer or practitioner wishing to develop your applied skills and studio project experience. The Master of Design Enterprise (MDE) is ideally suited for design graduates, design professionals and people in industry working within design-related field. The programme has an emphasis on realising design opportunities in commercial and not-for-profit settings, and examines industry best practice.

Learn more about the Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty) and the Master of Design Enterprise 


 Dunedin Fashion Incubator and Design Studio

The Dunedin Fashion Incubator (Dfi) is designed to support the next generation of designers in New Zealand. The Dunedin-based organisation, which is closely affiliated with the Otago Polytechnic School of Design, provides a creative professional environment to foster promising fashion talent, and help selected designers grow and sustain their business. By offering low-cost access to resources, business mentoring, and networking opportunities, this programme provides a way for participants to reach their full potential and become an integral part of the global fashion and design community.  

Outreach membership:

Make an investment in your design career by signing up to our annual Outreach membership, which includes the following: 

  • Small business advice and mentoring
  • Career management strategies 
  • Student and graduate mentoring
  • Industry networking
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Access to resources and technical advice 
  • Assistance with product development.

Dfi studio services: 

  • Industry advice 
  • Prototyping and sampling
  • Product development and sourcing
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Short courses and workshops
  • Educational collaborations and opportunities.

The Dfi is available to students studying:

> Certificate in Fashion Studies (Level 4)
> Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
> Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty)

Tracy Kennedy
Dfi Manager
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newSplash is our on-campus, commercial communication design studio. We provide you - the budding designer - the opportunity to apply your talents and education to practical situations, while helping you understand and experience the ins-and-outs of working in commercial design. While working with us, we connect you with clients and projects that suit your style and skillset. The studio provides a solid and steady support network, so you will always have a helping hand. If you are interested in applying for a casual employment contract with newSplash, please email your portfolio to newSplash Manager, Lynda Henderson. newSplash employment opportunities are available to students studying:

Bachelor of Design (Interiors)
> Bachelor of Design (Communications) 
Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty)

Lynda Henderson
newSplash Studio Manager

 innovation workSpace

The innovation workSpace is a commercial design and development centre and academic research facility meeting international standards. It facilitates the production of prototypes at all levels of the product design and development process and is set up with a wide range of the latest equipment including:

  • CNC 3 axis router
  • CNC milling and turning
  • 3D rapid manufacturing
  • Water jet cutter
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Full 3D scanning
  • Reverse engineering.

It is a business enabler, matching academic rigour with enterprise, business, production and management, and is a showcase for applied design, creativity and innovative endeavour. The innovation workSpace facilities are available to students studying:

> Bachelor of Design (Product)
> Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty)

Eva Gluyas
innovation workSpace Manager