Otago Polytechnic


Otago Polytechnic is committed to providing an environment that is enjoyable, safe and secure for all learners, staff and visitors. All Polytechnic learners should be guided by principles of openness, fairness and respect, and should be able to engage in the activities of learning in a manner that strives for excellence.

The following are policies that affect all learners at Otago Polytechnic, both domestic and international.

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Learner Rights and Responsibilities 

Terms and Conditions

Conduct / Misconduct diagram

Learner Support

Starting life as a new learner can be exciting as well as challenging. Our Learner Services Team is here to support you and make sure your time at Otago Polytechnic is rewarding and fun!

The Student Success Team can be found in The Hub (ground floor of H block) or email studentsuccess@op.ac.nz

AP0604 Orientation and Induction for Learners

AP0605 Learner Support

AP0608 Learner Awards

Discipline and Exclusion

The following behaviours are not acceptable at Otago Polytechnic, and may result in disciplinary action being taken:

> disruptive behaviour which interferes with the rights and learning opportunities of others

> language and imagery which is offensive (may be verbal, written or electronic)

> hand gestures of an offensive nature

> carrying or being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

> any threatening, bullying or intimidatory behaviour or acts of aggression

> stealing

> vandalism

> any other criminal behaviour that is likely to result in police or legal investigation

> inappropriate use of Otago Polytechnic computers, networks, including unauthorised access to IT systems or IT services, cyber-bullying in any form on any platform (whether done on or off Otago Polytechnic premises or networks)

> using Otago Polytechnic supplied networks to view inappropriate material (whether Otago Polytechnic owned computers, or on personal computers or personal devices

The University of Otago’s Proctor who manages Campus Watch staff has delegated authority from Otago Polytechnic to deal with Otago Polytechnic learners found behaving inappropriately or illegally.

Refer also to to Learner Rights and Responsibilities

AP0602 Learner Discipline and Exclusion

AP0710 International Learner Attainment and Attendance