Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic Strategic Directions 2015-2017

Otago Polytechnic is committed to inspiring and developing capable practitioners for Otago, New Zealand and the world.

In doing so, we recognise that what we teach, how we behave as an organisation and how we extend our influence into the community has an impact socially, environmentally and economically.

Our strategy is based on four priorities that guide our activities and operations. Achieving academic excellence is at the heart of what we do. How we deliver this depends on our sustainable operations – financially, environmentally and socially – and the reputation we earn within our communities.

Our Vision 

To be recognised nationally and internationally as New Zealand’s leading polytechnic.

We are recognised for:

  • Our innovation in education
  • The high quality of everything we do
  • The outstanding capabilities of our graduates
  • Our contributions to organisations and our communities.

Our Mission and Purpose 

Our core business is learning – for individuals, organisations and communities. 

We serve society and our customers by enabling those who desire to learn to connect with the most relevant learning experiences. 

Our programmes and services enable:

  • Individuals to perform in their chosen vocations
    • Our graduates are capable, future focused, work ready and sustainable practitioners
  • Organisations to perform better
    • Our graduates can add value and make a difference in their workplaces
    • Our knowledge and technology transfer activities and applied research improves productivity, innovation and organisational performance
  • Communities to prosper and advance
    • We contribute to the economic and social success of New Zealand and to international communities
    • We lead by example and deploy our resources in the interest of our communities.

Our Values 

In carrying out our mission we will honour the values of:

  • Excellence: we set and achieve high standards, always doing our best
  • Learning: we are continuously learning, developing and innovating
  • Responsibility: we do the right thing, acting in Otago Polytechnic’s best interests
  • Caring: we are respectful, generous, welcoming and inclusive
  • Partnerships: we work and learn together, contributing to one another’s success
  • Sustainability: we practise sustainably for the best of our communities and the environment

Otago Polytechnic welcomes and includes everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, religious or ethical beliefs or political opinions. We are proud to be the first ITP (Institute of Technology and Polytechnics) to have been awarded the Rainbow Tick and one of the first organisations in the South Island to gain the certification.  


Strategic Goals - How we will achieve our vision 

Our strategy for achieving this is based on:


Strategic directions diagram 2013


Achieving educational excellence

      • Our learners succeed in their studies
      • Our learners enjoy an outstanding experience
      • Our graduates are: capable, future focused and ready for work (self-employment and for continuing employment)
      • Our graduates practise sustainably, and make a difference to society
      • Our graduates achieve employment/self-employment relevant to their studies.

Being a resilient organisation 

      • We are future focussed and highly adaptable
      • Our operational processes are sustainable
      • Our organisation and management is world class
      • We invest in appropriate innovation and development
      • We make a consistent annual operating surplus to fund future investment 
      • We have an outstanding work environment
      • We collaborate effectively to achieve our objectives. 

Collaborating with our communities to make a difference, prioritising Kai Tahu

      • We engage effectively with industry, community, professions, government, Kai Tahu
      • We understand the needs of our communities
      • Our communities tell us they have confidence in us
      • Our communities are more capable as a consequence of our actions
      • Our communities benefit from our actions.

Making a difference to our environment

      • Our environmental footprint is minimised
      • Our leadership encourages others to embrace sustainable practices.

These priorities are our roadmap for change and brought to life through the four strategic frameworks that underpin our operations: Learning and Teaching; Research and Enterprise; Sustainability and Māori.

Contributing to our strategy

We consult widely with the community when developing our strategy, holding workshops and inviting feedback from staff, students, iwi, businesses and regional and community organisations. Outside of these dedicated information-gathering periods, however, we remain interested in your ideas and insights. Please let us know your thoughts by emailing us.