Otago Polytechnic

Our policies and procedures apply to all programmes and courses at Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Matatini ki Otago and are part of the organisation's Quality Management System (QMS).

Our policies and procedures provide staff, learners, and visitors to Otago Polytechnic with clear and current policies, procedures and guidance for the management and administration of schools/colleges and support services within an institutional context of devolved authority and responsibility.

All published policies and procedures are relevant and in effect until such time as they are reviewed and replaced. The policy review schedule allows for annual review of Council, Financial, and Fees policies and for all others up to a maximum of every three years.

Policies are currently numbered under Council (CPxxxx) Academic (APxxxx) and Management (MPxxxx) types with classification within these three types divided into the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework areas of: Leadership / Strategy / Customers / Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management / Workforce / Operations / Results. 

To assist in your search for the relevant policy, the policies have been grouped and published under the themes below.



AP0600 Academic Appeal Process for Learners

AP0602 Learner Discipline

AP0603 Resolution of Learner Complaints

AP0607.02 Cheating (under merge review)

MP0445 Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Management (draft update pending final signoff)

MP0445a Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Management_Guidelines001

Enrolment and Fees

AP0501 Recognition of Prior Learning (under review)

AP0501a Recognition of Prior Learning_SOP001 Application form

AP0504 Application, Entry and Enrolment

AP0517 Cancellation or Cessation of Programmes, Courses and Course Occurrences (under merge review)

AP0520 English Language Requirements for Those for whom English is an Additional Language

AP0521 Programme Entry, Continuation and Exclusion

AP0710 International Learner Attainment and Attendance

AP0710a International Learner Attainment and Attendance SOP001

MP0351 Withdrawal, Transfer, Cancellation and Refund

MP0354 Learner Fees

MP0354a Learner Fees_SOP001_Definitions and Schedules

MP0354b Learner Fees_SOP002_Form-Learner Discount Request Form

MP0357 Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Transfers for International Students at Auckland International Campus

Learner Support

AP0604 Orientation and Induction for Learners

AP0605 Learner Support

MP0608 Homestay Accommodation for International Students


AP0608 Learner Awards

AP0705 Postgraduate Supervision and Submission

AP0705a Postgraduate Supervision and Submission Guideline 001

AP0802 Work Placements and OSH for Learners in the Workplace

AP0900 Assessment (under merge review)

AP0901 Students with Disabilities - Circumstances for Assessment (under merge review)

AP0904.02 Final Assessment Process in Postgraduate Programmes (under merge review)

AP0905.03 Presentation and Submission of Postgraduate Thesis or Dissertation (under merge review)

AP0909 Conduct of Examinations (under merge review)

MP0487 Critical Incident and Emergency Management (Under Review)

MP0487b CIM SOP002 Emergency Communications Plan

MP0487c_CIM_SOP003_Response Plan for Learners

MP0607 Medical and Travel Insurance for International Learners

MP0609 Alcohol and Drug Policy

Parent_Caregiver feeding room guidelines_March 2019 (replaces policy MP0422 Breastfeeding at Otago Polytechnic)

Results and Graduation

AP0903 Grade Tables, Honours Distinction and Merit

AP0907 Impaired Performance Aegrotat (under merge review)

AP1003 Graduation

AP1003a Graduation_SOP001

AP1003b Graduation_SOP002_Form_Approval for Early Release of Qualification

AP1006 Award Certificates for Qualifications (under review)

AP1008 Learner Results (under review)

AP1010 Producing Results Notices and Academic Transcripts