Otago Polytechnic

Our policies and procedures apply to all programmes and courses at Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Matatini ki Otago and are part of the organisation's Quality Management System (QMS).

Our policies and procedures provide staff, learners, and visitors to Otago Polytechnic with clear and current policies, procedures and guidance for the management and administration of schools/colleges and support services within an institutional context of devolved authority and responsibility.

All published policies and procedures are relevant and in effect until such time as they are reviewed and replaced. The policy review schedule allows for annual review of Council, Financial, and Fees policies and for all others up to a maximum of every three years.

Policies are currently numbered under Council (CPxxxx) Academic (APxxxx) and Management (MPxxxx) types with classification within these three types divided into the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework areas of: Leadership / Strategy / Customers / Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management / Workforce / Operations / Results. 

To assist in your search for the relevant policy, the policies have been grouped and published under the themes below.

OP Council


Council - Code of Conduct, April 2011

Council - Manual of Committee Structures and Delegations_June 2016

Council - Standing Orders, September 2003


AP0101 Academic Board

AP0101a Academic Board_SOP001

Council Honours Awards

CP0003 Management Reporting of Contracts to Council

CP0005 Delegations from Council to the Chief Executive

CP0006 Council Honours Awards

CP0007 Legislative Compliance

CP0008 Sensitive Expenditure

CP0009 Protected Disclosure of Serious Wrongdoing (Whistleblowing)

CP0010 Fraud Prevention and Response

CP0010 Fraud Prevention and Response

CP0010a Fraud Prevention and Response - SOP

CP0010a Fraud Prevention and Response - SOP

CP0010a Fraud Prevention and Response SOP001 Fraud Control Plan

CP0011 Treasury Management

CP0012 Conflict of Interest

CP0013 Procurement and Purchasing Policy

CP0013a Procurement and Purchasing_SOP001 Procedures for Tendering and Proposals

CP0013b Procurement and Purchasing_SOP002 Purchasing Procedures

CP0014 Internal audit

CP0014 Internal Audit

CP0015 Fraud Prevention and Response

CP0015 Risk Management

CP0015 Risk Management