Otago Polytechnic

Our policies and procedures apply to all programmes and courses at Otago Polytechnic Te Kura Matatini ki Otago and are part of the organisation's Quality Management System (QMS).

Our policies and procedures provide staff, learners, and visitors to Otago Polytechnic with clear and current policies, procedures and guidance for the management and administration of schools/colleges and support services within an institutional context of devolved authority and responsibility.

All published policies and procedures are relevant and in effect until such time as they are reviewed and replaced. The policy review schedule allows for annual review of Council, Financial, and Fees policies and for all others up to a maximum of every three years.

Policies are currently numbered under Council (CPxxxx) Academic (APxxxx) and Management (MPxxxx) types with classification within these three types divided into the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework areas of: Leadership / Strategy / Customers / Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management / Workforce / Operations / Results. 

To assist in your search for the relevant policy, the policies have been grouped and published under the themes below.


Enrolment and Fees

MP0351 Withdrawal, Transfer, Cancellation and Refund

MP0354 Learner Fees

MP0354a Learner Fees_SOP001_Definitions and Schedules

MP0354b Learner Fees_SOP002_Form-Learner Discount Request Form

MP0357 Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Transfers for International Students at Auckland International Campus


AP0109 Permanent External Advisory Committees

AP0109a Permanent External Advisory Committees_Guideline001

AP0118 Organisational Coding Structures (under review)

AP0200 Copyright (under review)

AP0505 Programme Guide and Academic Content for Publication

AP0505 Prospectus (under merge review)

AP0711 Delivery of Programmes by External Contracts

AP0712 Course Material Footer (under merge review)

AP0900 Assessment (under merge review)

AP0908 Moderation of Assessment (under merge review)

AP0909 Conduct of Examinations (under merge review)

AP0910 Assessment Committee (under merge review)

MP0101 Information Management

MP0101a Information Management_SOP001_ Public Records Retention and Disposal Schedule (draft revision pending final signoff)

MP0105 Policies (under review)

MP0106 Disclosing Personal Information about Students and Staff (under review)

MP0107 Library Committee

MP0200 Capitalisation and Amortisation of Course Development Costs (under review)

MP0303 Authorities and Delegations from Chief Executive

MP0303a Authorities and Delegations from Chief Executive_SOP001 Delegations Summary

MP0305 Snow and Ice Response

MP0311 Mobile Communications

MP0318 Requests for Official Information

MP0319 Flag Policy

MP0322 Campus Memorial and Commemorative Register

MP0343 Use and Security of Information Systems (under review)

MP0352 Otago Polytechnic Purchasing and Credit Cards

MP0355 CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) at Otago Polytechnic Sites

MP0361 Management of Non-personnel Contracts

MP0362 Asset Management_Operational - Acquisition and Disposal

MP0362a Asset Management_SOP001

MP0363 Building Access, Key Distribution, After Hours Safety and Security

MP0363a Building Access...SOP001_Form_Negotiated Building Access for Learners

MP0364 Strategic Asset Management

MP0364a Strategic Asset Management_Guideline001

MP0419 Dogs on Campus

MP0446 Travel on Otago Polytechnic Business (under merge review)

MP0450 Enabling Offsite Work

MP0454 Discount on internal programmes/courses

MP1100 Intellectual Property

MP1103 Intellectual Property - Mātauranga Māori

Results and Graduation

AP1003 Graduation

AP1003a Graduation_SOP001

AP1003b Graduation_SOP002_Form_Approval for Early Release of Qualification

AP1005 Results Process for Consultancy

AP1005a Results Process for Consultancy_SOP001

AP1006 Award Certificates for Qualifications (under review)

AP1008 Learner Results (under review)

AP1010 Producing Results Notices and Academic Transcripts