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First Aid at Otago Polytechnic - SOP

Approval Date
3 February 2010
Approved By
Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety
Baldrige Criteria
Workforce focus

Otago Polytechnic Limited Ltd, as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and all subsequent amendments and regulations, will ensure that appropriate first aid is provided in a prompt and safe manner to any person injured while conducting business with and at Otago Polytechnic Limited campuses, or when on an organised fieldtrip. First aid will be provided by trained first aiders and appropriate first aid supplies will be provided.


1.  First aid kits are located and maintained in all Colleges, Schools and Service Areas.

1.1. The standard list of supplies as determined by the Director: Health and Safety, as a minimum requirement, is found in each kit;

1.2.  First aid kits will be regularly checked, usually by a person trained in first aid or a safety and wellbeing representative who has been appointed by the formal leader. Replacement stock can be purchased through OfficeMax in line with Otago Polytechnic Ltd ordering processes.

1.3.  The work area is responsible for ensuring contents are replenished following use. A Vault (safety and wellbeing reporting system) report must also be completed following use of any item in a first aid kit.

1.4.  First aid kit supplies are only to be used to treat injuries suffered as a result of on campus accidents and incidents and are not to be accessed for personal use. Staff and learners are to purchase their own supplies to treat injuries suffered off campus.

1.5.  Ibuprofen and Panadol are not to be stored in OP First Aid Kits

2.  All Otago Polytechnic Ltd vehicles contain a first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Staff who use any of the contents should notify Campus Services as soon as possible for replenishment.

2.1.  Campus Services oversees the maintenance of the kits in fleet vehicles.

2.2.  For those areas which have a dedicated Polytechnic vehicle, oversight, and maintenance of vehicle first aid kits and extinguishers are the responsibility of the formal leader.

3.  A mobile first aid kit is available from Campus Services via a booking system.

3.1.  Colleges, Schools and Service Areas who have frequent outings should invest in their own mobile kit. Contact the Director: Health and Safety for assistance and advice on what should be contained in a mobile first aid kit.

4.  Each school/service area must have at least one staff member who has current training in the administration of first aid.

4.1.  Additionally, for studios and workshops, where machinery can pose potential risk, it is essential that coverage by a trained first aider is available at time of use including after hours.

4.2.  The names of current first aiders are listed on first aid kits and available within Vault and the Emergency Procedures section of the Safety and Wellbeing Tūhono Page.

5  Defibrillators are available on, or within close proximity, to each campus – for the exact location of these refer to the first aid notices positioned on each floor of campus buildings

6.  In an emergency call 111 for an Ambulance.

6.1.  Additionally, on the Dunedin Campus, after calling 111 for an Ambulance, Otago Polytechnic Ltd Student Health may provide emergency medical treatment to staff and learners

Defibrillator awareness training - please contact the Director: Health and Safety to arrange courses.

First aid training for staff

·    Refresher training - 1 day (you need to provide a purchase order number when you book)

·    Comprehensive training - 2 days (you need to provide a purchase order number when you book)

·    Defibrillator awareness training - please contact the Director: Health and Safety to arrange courses.


For training information and booking a course(s) refer to Tūhono directory team site Home > People and Culture > Safety and Wellbeing > First aid training

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