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Management of Non-personnel Contracts

Approval Date
1 September 2018
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 August 2021
Deputy Chief Executive: Business Services
Baldrige Criteria
Process management

To outline the policy, procedures, and resources for the management of Non-personnel contracts at Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd).


1.          Guidelines for Entering into Contracts - Any contracts which are entered into should contribute to the following strategic goals of the Polytechnic as well as meeting the specific goals of the Polytechnic area concerned:

  • achieve educational excellence
  • make a difference to our environment
  • collaborate with our communities to make a difference, prioritising Kai Tahu
  • be a resilient organisation.

2.          Formal Leaders within the Polytechnic are empowered and resourced to manage contracts in their area of responsibility and to their delegation limit.

3.          Role of the Contract Manager - The Contract Manager will support Otago Polytechnic Limited formal leaders by:

a.               Overseeing contracts of higher value and higher risk (as defined in Delegation of Contract Management procedures) including procurement

b.              Developing and maintaining generic contract templates and other contract resources

c.               Reviewing contracts for risk prior to signing where required by policy, or where requested

d.              Liaising with lawyers for specific contract related issues.

4.          Relevant Procedures and Policies - Formal leaders will follow these policies and procedures when dealing with contracts on behalf of Otago Polytechnic Ltd:

a.               Authorities and Delegations from Chief Executive* regarding which contracts specific formal leaders can negotiate and commit to on behalf of Otago Polytechnic Limited.

b.              Delegation of Contract Management** for the process to enter into and manage lower value/lower risk contracts independent of Contracts Manager involvement.

c.               Contracts Management Delegation Register** regarding the delegation level for each formal leader.

d.              Procurement and Purchasing Policy* to select particular procurement methods to purchase goods or services for Otago Polytechnic Limited, and for guidance around ethical procurement.

e.              Procurement Process Flowchart** for a summary of the current procurement processes under policy Procurement and Purchasing Policy for goods/services worth over $10,000.

f.                RFP/Tender Checklist for Tender Board Approval** for use in the formal RFP/Tender process to accompany the final recommendation to Tender Board to select a supplier.

*Above listed policies can be found on the Otago Polytechnic Limited website

**Above listed documents and checklists are available on internal intranet site Tūhono, or can be requested from Contracts Manager Ruth Millhouse,

5.          Other Resources available to formal leaders are:

a.               Contract templates (on Tūhono or by request from Contracts Manager – generic templates of various contracts, including clinical placement

b.              Contracts database ( Contract Eagle) with licenced users in most academic/service areas, used to store contracts and related information, and to generate automated reminders of contract events such as expiry/renewal

c.               Information about current corporate suppliers on Tūhono

e.              Lawyers, including specialist advice available through the All of Government External Legal Services contract.



Authorities and Delegations from Chief Executive

Procurement and Purchasing

Conflict of Interest