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Monitoring and Review of Employees on Probation

Approval Date
3 February 2010
Approved By
Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety
Baldrige Criteria
Workforce focus

This policy requires the formal monitoring of, reporting on, and decisions about the progress of new employees who are subject to probation requirements as a condition of their employment.


This policy applies to all employees who are subject to a formal probation requirement as part of their employment agreement. Policy Performance Review contains detail on managing staff performance that may be a useful referral document.

1.          Formal Leaders

Formal Leaders ensure monitoring and review of employees on probation is carried out within their area of responsibility in accordance with this Policy.

“Formal Leader’ refers to any position to which the responsibility to conduct performance reviews has been delegated.

2.          Employees

Employees are actively involved with the review process.

3.          People and Culture

People and Culture coordinates the formal monitoring and review of employees on probation, maintains records and provides support and advice to Formal Leaders and staff. A report is provided to the Executive Leadership Team every six months.


In accordance with both collective and individual employment agreements, new employees who are subject to a probationary requirement are required to undergo monitoring and review and to complete, in conjunction with their Formal Leader, a Monitoring and Review Report (see Schedule 1) as follows:

1.      Initial Report

Prior to the completion of three months’ service, a Monitoring and Review Report is completed describing any identified strengths, development areas, significant changes to position requirements or factors that may have hindered performance during the initial three-month period. Such factors may include, but are not limited to, physical environment, equipment, personal capabilities, lack of training, resourcing, or workload issues.

The report must also include details of any training/development that has been resourced and provided during the first three months.

2.          Individual Performance Plan

An Individual Performance Plan (IPP) completed in accordance with the Staff Development Policy must be attached to the Monitoring and Review Report.

NB: Academic staff in certain circumstances may be required to use their discretionary leave for improvement activities. Any staff member may be required to use their professional development allocation for improvement purposes.

3.          The Head of College, Formal Leader or other designated supervisor is required to recommend confirmation of appointment under the appropriate employment agreement;


confirm extension of the monitoring and review period, in which case the date of the next review must be set.

NB: For academic staff refer also to Clause 5.2.

NB: It is generally expected that academic staff who have not previously taught will complete at least one full teaching cycle (usually one semester) before appointment is confirmed.

4.          Confirmed Appointments

The completed Monitoring and Review Report is forwarded to People and Culture with a recommendation regarding confirmation.

4.1           The original report is held by People and Culture for inclusion in the employee’s personal file.

4.2           Copies of the report are kept by the employee, the Formal Leader or other designated supervisor and, if requested by the Employee, a copy is sent to the appropriate union.

4.3           People and Culture will formally notify the employee of confirmation of their employment.

5.          Appointments not Confirmed

If it is intended not to confirm the employee’s appointment, or the monitoring and review period is being extended beyond the original agreement communicated in the offer of employment, advice must be obtained from People and Culture.

5.1           After seeking advice from People and Culture, specific reasons for any non-confirmation shall be recorded. Information about all training and other support details and a clear outline of what is required to achieve confirmation shall be provided in the report and discussed with the employee, including the date of the next review.

5.2           For academic staff, the initial review is an interim review and the employee may be required to serve an extended probationary period of up to two years. Therefore, the date of the next review period shall be indicated. Confirmation of appointment is then as in 4.  Subsequent monitoring reviews for academic staff may be undertaken prior to 6 months, 12, 18 and 24 months, as agreed on appointment and specified in the letter offering employment.

5.3           After seeking advice from People and Culture, it may be that discontinuation of employment is recommended.



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