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Polykids - Centre Philosophy

Approval Date
1 September 2017
Approved By
Chief Executive
Next Review
1 September 2020
Manager: Polykids Childcare Centre

Polykids philosophy guides our practice and is central to the way we implement our teaching practice. It reflects the fundamental beliefs, values and attitudes that support our teaching and learning program.

Both teaching teams are not only governed by their own individual teaching    philosophies but they also contribute to the team teaching philosophy and then the Centre’s united philosophy.

  • Individual teaching philosophy                   
  • Team teaching philosophy                       
  • Polykids Central Philosophy

As the most significant influence to our practice, the philosophy is reviewed annually and when new teachers join our team.


Licensing criteria (2008):           

GMA4; GMA5; GMA6 (i, ii)


National guidelines:                     

Te Whariki:  The philosophy is linked to all areas of the curriculum.

  • The Philosophy statement is reviewed annually or when new staff  join the teaching team.
  • The Centre and team philosophies are displayed for parents,  caregivers, and whanau at all times.
  • The individual team philosophies, “under two- Whetu” and “over two -Manawa” are displayed in the appropriate areas of the Centre.
  • Team and Centre Philosophies at the time of review are made available to Parents, caregivers, and whanau.
  • Parents, caregivers, and whanau are asked to read the statements and sign to say they have read and understood them. They are also asked for comments or thoughts.