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Relocation Expenses for New Employees

Approval Date
7 April 2017
Approved By
Chief Executive
Deputy Chief Executive: People, Culture and Safety
Baldrige Criteria
Workforce focus

Otago Polytechnic Limited (Ltd) want the best people to work with us which means at times we may need to relocate people from other locations. This policy enables us to assist our new staff with the process of relocating and outlines what Otago Polytechnic Ltd will contribute towards relocation costs if these are agreed.


1.         Any contribution to relocation expenses is discretionary within policy and shall be by agreement between the new staff member, Formal Leader and DCE: People, Culture and Safety before an offer of employment is made to the staff member.


2.         Any agreement for contribution to relocation expenses must be indicated at the time of requesting a new employment agreement.


3.         Any contribution to relocation expenses which falls outside of the requirements of this policy must be approved by the DCE: Corporate Services or DCE: Business Services.  Such approval shall be in writing and be granted prior to any commitment being made to a potential new staff member.


4.         Contributions will usually be by way of direct payment by the Polytechnic of the costs incurred in relocating.   Where direct payment is not practicable the new employee shall be reimbursed for prior approved expenditure on production of receipts.


5.         Costs associated with buying/selling houses or real estate are not to be taken into consideration.


6.         At least two quotations for removal of effects shall be arranged by Human Resources in consultation with the new employee. Once the removal company has been selected and approved by Otago Polytechnic Ltd, the new employee will be contacted directly by the selected removal company to make all necessary arrangements.


7.         All commitments to relocation expense costs being met by the Polytechnic must be documented and quantified in the employment agreement along with a bond clause (refer bond agreement in SOP).



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