Otago Polytechnic

Student and whānau FAQs


  I have just enrolled – will my study be impacted?

Your study will not be impacted. You will be able to fully complete your study at Otago Polytechnic. This will apply regardless of whether you are studying a certificate, diploma, degree or postgraduate qualification.

  I’m partway through my study – will I be able to complete it at Otago Polytechnic?

Yes, you will be able to fully complete your study at Otago Polytechnic.

  I was thinking of enrolling in 2020 – will the same range of study options be available?

Yes, the same study options will be available in 2020.

  Will study options be offered by Otago Polytechnic or by the new entity (the proposed title is of which is the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, NZIST)?

At this stage, we believe they will be the current Otago Polytechnic programmes but offered through NZIST.

  What will happen to students who operate out of satellites?

For example, I am a student at the Palmerston North satellite with classes at UCOL. UCOL will also be part of the merger, so will we still be part of OP or will we now be part of the UCOL 'branch' of the NZIST?

Current arrangements are expected to continue, at least until the end of 2020.

  When I graduate, will it be from Otago Polytechnic or from the new entity?

If you are currently enrolled at Otago Polytechnic, your graduation certificate will state that you graduated from Otago Polytechnic.

  If I fail a paper and have to repeat it, will the course still be around?

Yes it will, there will be no changes to Otago Polytechnic policies before the end of 2020.

  Is my scholarship still valid?

Yes – if you have been awarded a scholarship to study at Otago Polytechnic, it is still valid.

  Will this impact class sizes?

No it will not.

  Will there still be campuses in Dunedin, Central Otago and Auckland?

Yes, there will still be campuses in these locations.

  Will this impact fees free?

No – fees free will remain the same.

  Does CapableNZ have a future?

All current programmes of study will be honoured. Longer term, CapableNZ probably has a future under the proposed structure. Possibly as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE).

  Should I switch to Open Polytechnic or to the university?

There is no need to switch provider. Although Otago Polytechnic may well have a name change in the future, you will still be able to complete your study here.

  What would happen to student representative roles and departments, eg OPSA and the student council? These are the main advocates for students.

OPSA will certainly continue but the student council may not, because if the proposal goes ahead the OP Council will be disbanded.

  If the merger does go ahead, what services will be provided to students and who will provide them? Otago Polytechnic provide a lot of services that other ITPs may not provide.

We do not anticipate any reduction in services to students.

  I've read that programmes and courses won't be changed. But if all ITPs are merged then won't courses be all standardised? So doesn’t that mean they’ll be changed?

If the proposal goes ahead, programmes and courses may change, but this will be in the medium to long term. Current courses of study will be honoured, and our programme offering will not change for 2020.