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Pitch to us your education ideas

Got an idea for a new Otago Polytechnic offering? Spotted an opportunity for us to collaborate with industry or the community? Let us know!
We would love to hear your idea for:

•  A new course or replacement course

•  A new programme

•  A new training scheme

Our Product and Innovation Taskforce has a streamlined process for taking education ideas from concept to reality. The taskforce consults with teams from across the organisation to get the right input at the right time at each stage of the process.

The teams we work with are:

•  Quality Enhancement Centre (QEC)

•  Business Services (for financial modelling)

•  Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

•  Marketing, Sales and Communications

•  Learning and Teaching Development (LTD)

•  Academic Board


This process makes for a smooth experience and gets your idea from start to finish in the shortest possible time.


Submit your idea


The Process

Detailed process


1. Do the groundwork

•  Identify a need or a gap

•  See what/if anything similar exists (Handy tip: check the NZQF)

•  Talk to stakeholders

•  Tell us your idea. This can take some time, we advise you to read through the form, then copy your form responses to the form from an external document


 2. We will consider your idea 

Outcome A: We don't go ahead with your idea, and we let you know why. This could be the end of the line, or you can rework and go back to start

Outcome B: We go ahead with your idea.


 3. Design and development

Work with LTD and QEC to design and develop the idea and documentation.


 4. Regulatory approval

QEC prepare it for approval by Academic Board, NZQA and TEC.

Outcome A: It may require changes and rework.

Outcome B: It is approved for delivery.


 5. Delivery

Teach the course


 6. Feedback - review - evaluate

Gauge success and future viability.


Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about the process that we haven't covered in the content above let us know, we are happy to help.

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Learning and Teaching development

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