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Chip bags and softdrinks, fishing tackle and perspex,  these items don't usually conjure up ideas of fashion.  But the textiles at this year's iD International Emerging Designer Awards are as creative as ever.

The finalists have been announced, and Otago Polytechnic is proud to reveal that three of our fashion graduates have been chosen to compete.

Cecile Reed, Letitia Powell and Laura Bennet will line up with 36 other emerging designers from around the world.

Twelve different countries are represented, including Spain,Switzerland and China.

This year's selection committe of New Zealand fashion designers Tanya Carlson, Sara Munro (Company of Strangers) and fashion editor San Ahwa had their work cut out for them.  They had to sift through 150 entries for their final 36!

Tanya Carlson says the designers' commitment to sustainability featured in all the designs.

"These are fashion graduates who believe in making a difference within the industry", she says. "Almost every entry explored the importance of the slow fashion movement, but in very different ways.  The finalists we chose all stood out for their innovation and exceptional creativity."

Prizes include the H&J Smith First Place ($6,000), L'affare Second Place ($4,000) and Gallery de Novo Third Place ($2,000).

Winners from the awards will show their collections at the iD Dunedin Fashion show held at Dunedin's Railway Station on Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25.

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Tickets are now available for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards.

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