Otago Polytechnic

"Teacher didn't appeal and physio seemed too functional - I'm a people person and I wanted a job that helped people so I decided to find out more about occupational therapy".

As a year 12 Whanganui High School student, Amber Ward didn't really know where her life was heading.  But a meeting with a careers advisor put her on the right track - all the way to Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin.

Her three year degree included six different placements throughout New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

Amber now works for Active Plus in Whanganui, assessing and treating people who, because of illness, injury or circumstance, have limited ability to carry out everyday activities.

"One day I could be out with a dairy farmer, another day I could be out in a forestry gang or helping with a desk set-up - every day is different which I love."

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