Otago Polytechnic

New drone footage of Otago Polytechnic's new student accommodation has just been released.

The 20 million-dollar accommodation block continues to rapidly progress.

The west wing roof is nearly on, and the fifth and final floor of the west wing floor and wall structure is now completed. The windows are currently being fitted.

On the East wing, the second level is finished (with two more levels to go!)

As each level of the Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structure goes up, service trades are able to gain access to do their work.

CLT is the generic name given to structural building panels made from wood elements glued together in layers.  Otago Polytechnic’s student accommodation is the tallest and largest (by volume) CLT building in New Zealand.

The timber construction’s going up in 11 stages over 90 days encompassing columns, beams, floors and walls.

The Student Accommodation village is the first fully owned Otago Polytechnic residence, and will have 231 beds.  These will be single dormitory rooms, studios and four-bedroom apartments.  All meals will be provided for dormitory residents.

The accommodation will be finished prior by February 2018, in perfect time for the students to arrive!

View the drone footage of the construction site, taken before the west wing roof construction began.

Read the latest story in the Otago Daily Times.

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