Otago Polytechnic

From pounamu to plaques, time capsules to trees - Otago Polytechnic can now remember its history in a much clearer fashion with the creation of a Memorial and Commemorative Register.

Communication Design student, Zane Carter, created the Campus Memorial Map and Register. It has recorded memorial and commemorative features on Otago Polytechnic’s Forth Street campus.

Zane located and photographed each site, then recorded its location and details on a commemorative event webpage.

“Some were difficult to locate and many were overgrown. I had to get into the bush at times, and polish up plaques!” he says.

The register notes commemorative events, trees planted in memory of staff and students, paintings, seating and plaques.

Otago Polytechnic also created a ‘Campus Memorial and Commemorative Register’ policy, which manages the design, placement and record of all memorial and commemorative items.

“It’s really nice to give back. I’ve studied at Otago Polytechnic for three years now, so it’s nice to put a mark on a place that has helped me so much,” Zane says.

See the Commemorative Sites page.

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Expiry: 28 Sep 2017