Otago Polytechnic

From sensory plantings to deep thinking gardens, Otago Polytechnic’s Landscape and Horticulture students have been busy studying plant collections.

They have built on their horticulture and landscaping skills by creating four plant collections on the Dunedin campus as part of the Living Campus:

  • A Sensory Garden outside G block with consideration to the studies undertaken by Occupational Therapy.
  • A Medicinal Garden added to the Permaculture Terraces corner of St David Street and Harbour Terrace.
  • A Deep Thinking Garden created around and in Studio 56 to enhance its use as a study space.
  • The Bio Dome Gardens have been planted in consultation with Hospitality and Food Design students and staff to produce frequently used herbs and greens.

As the icing on the cake (or the compost on the plant!), the class has also created an exhibition of cyanotypes – a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.

The exhibition is a nod to Anna Atkins who produced the first book to use photographic illustrations in 1843.

The exhibition is on in the L Block entrance until 15 July.

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Expiry: 15 Jul 2017