Otago Polytechnic

Ceramic arts student Rye Senjen has just completed creating 108 hand thrown cups for Otago Polytech Eden cafe. The cups are made from Dunedin sourced clays which Rye has prepared and hand-thrown. Last year Eden Cafe banned service of coffee in disposable takeaway cups to stop 1000 paper cups heading to landfill each week. The cups were glazed using colours which have significance in terms of colour for her gaze research.

She says, "I was aware that the Otago Polytech Eden cafe had already banned disposable cups in 2016 and I decided to throw 108 cups to replenish their stocks. I also wanted to showcase the beauty of handcrafted locally made ceramics, as well as the use of entirely non toxic, safe glazes. Additionally half of the cups were thrown on a kick-wheel, no electricity required, to further explore the possibilities of reducing energy consumption."

"Our environmental footprint is very much a consideration in my ceramic arts/craft practice. Ceramics can be made by hand from local dirt ie clay and covered with glazes that are non toxic, long lasting, beautiful and unique. I hope people will enjoy their beverages knowing the cups were made a mere stones throw away, across the Leith and that each use mitigates a small amount of their environmental footprint."

The cups are now available at Eden Cafe. Rye's is also making cups and bowls for  'SUSTAIN’ - an exhibition of tableware, which is a fundraiser for the Dunedin Night Shelter to be held at St Pauls Cathedral, Dunedin, 18 November – noon 2 December 2017


Orderdate: 26 Oct 2017
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