Otago Polytechnic

The Pulse Energy Highlanders have formed a community partnership with the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

The hospital is the first specialised wildlife hospital in the South Island and will be able to treat up to 500 patients a year once it is fully operational.

The need for this type of hospital was highlighted in a 2017 report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment that identified 80% of native species are at risk of extinction.

Co-chair of the Wildlife Hospital Trust Steve Walker is “delighted" with the arrangement.

"Given that we are a recent start-up Charitable Trust, this shows the belief the Highlanders have in our mission and confidence that the community will get behind the Hospital to help keep it funded.”

The hospital is hosted at Otago Polytechnic’s School of Veterinary Nursing.

It opened on 15 January, admitting two adult yellow-eyed penguins the same day. 

Highlanders General Manager of Commercial and Marketing Amelia Kininmonth hoped that this community partnership would assist the Wildlife Hospital with its initiatives, highlight what an asset the Wildlife hospital is to the community and assist with fundraising.

"We view ourselves as very much part of the local community, and we want to help make our home town a better place. This community partnership is one of a number of activities and events we want to associate with in the future.”

For further enquiries about the Wildlife Hospital, please contact Wildlife Hospital Trust co-chair Steve Walker. Emai: walkersteve4@gmail.com; ph: 027 850 5603


Published on 29 January 2018

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