Otago Polytechnic

At Otago Polytechnic we have an online Student Hub filled with resources for our learners. We have a similar space called Tūhono for our staff. From midday Monday 5 March, this is how to access the Student Hub and Tūhono.

Signing in to Tūhono / The Student Hub

If you are on an Otago Polytechnic campus you will generally be signed in automatically. Click ‘My Home’ on the top right of the op.ac.nz homepage to be directed automatically to Tūhono / The Student Hub.

If you’re not automatically signed in (e.g. if you’re off-site, on a mobile device or on an unsupported browser) you will need to click 'Login' button top right. The login page will then request your username and password. 


For staff, Tūhono is now set as the default homepage for Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge.
For students, the Student Hub is the default homepage for IE, Chrome and Firefox.

If you have a mac or use a different browser, Tūhono / The Student Hub will not be your default homepage. However, it’s easy to set your own homepage – just google the instructions for your preferred browser.

How to get into the Student Hub if you’re also a staff member

  • If you are a student as well as a staff member and you would like to get into the Student Hub, log into the computer itself (on campus) (not the op.ac.nz website) using your student account 
  • If you want to demonstrate the Student Hub to students, go to OP Tools on Tūhono and click on ‘Student Hub Demonstration View’
  • If you are a Student Hub content editor, you can view your updates using the Student Hub Demonstration View

Published on 01 March 2018

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