Otago Polytechnic

We've been hearing a lot about learner capability and transferable skills lately -  but what does it all mean? 

Q: What are employers looking for in graduates?
A: Employers tell us they look for potential employees with transferable skills who can prove their work ready capability. 

Q: What challenges are graduates likely to face in the job market of the future?
A: The world of work is constantly changing, and in many sectors this change is accelerating. To be more employable learners need to not only have technical/specialist skills and knowledge, but also well-developed transferable skills, which we call learner capabilities. 

Q: What is a transferable skill?
A: A transferable skill is a skill that has relevance regardless of the task or vocation a person is involved in - for example, the ability to communicate effectively or work in a team.

Q: What is learner capability?
A: Learner Capability helps to make work ready skills more explicit via an experiential learning process with embedded capabilities, and a capability profile that learners build over time. For learners, this means more relevance and context for their learning. For employers, a clearer understanding of the work readiness of their potential employee. 

Q: Why is learner capability a priority for us?
A: Preparing the most work ready graduates in New Zealand is a primary objective for us, and we believe learner capability is a substantial part of making that happen. 

Q: What are we doing to ensure that our graduates are capable?
A: We’re going to be working with all of our programmes of learning over the next 3 years to maximise the opportunity for learners to prove their capability through their course of study. We’ll also be working with all of our stakeholders to validate our approach through a wide-reaching research programme.


Published on 14 Sep 2018

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