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Art School Alumni Successes at World of Wearable Arts Awards

Date: 2 October 2018

Congratulations to Tatyanna Meharry, Dunedin School of Art Alumni and Ceramics Diploma tutor.*


WAR sTOrY by Natasha English and Tatyanna Meharry (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Winner: Supreme WOW Award
Winner: Aotearoa Section


Tatyanna Meharry and her sister Natasha English have won the supreme award at the 2018 World of WearableArt Awards, for the second (unprecedented) time.

The pair's garment, WAR sTOrY, commemorates more than 128,000 New Zealand men and women who served in World War I, of whom 18,000 never returned. WearableArt founder and head judge Dame Suzie Moncrieff said WAR sTOrY was described by judges as a "thought-provoking narrative" flawless in its execution, and powerful storytelling through a work of art.

When Meharry and English won the supreme award for the first timein 2013, their garment The Exchange  a two-garment entry, of individually made ceramic feathers and coins, also had a historical theme, on the Treaty of Waitangi.

The sisters first entered WOW together in 2013 and entered every year since then except 2015, Meharry said. Natasha English and Tatyanna Meharry also won top honours in the Film & Costume section of the 2016 with Baroque Star. For Richard Taylor of Weta Workshops, it was the piece’s expert construction, innovative use of materials and clever play on iconography that elevated Baroque Star above what was, by all accounts, an extremely high calibre collection of entries. "Translating these artistically-rich periods of history into the realm of film and costume requires a high level of imagination and the creators of Baroque Star really rose to the challenge to craft something special." Baroque Star was also runner up to Supreme award in 2016.


Kākāpō Queen by Stephanie Cossens (Wellington, New Zealand)
Runner Up: Weta Workshop Emerging Designer Award


Another entry by recent graduate Stephanie Cossens, with Kākāpō Queen, won runner up in this year's  Weta Workshop Emerging Designer Award. Stephanie Cossens first time entry at WOW, was created to raise awareness for these critically endangered birds.  Cossens studied visual arts at Otago Polytechnic, graduating with BVA Honours in 2016, and works as a freelance artist out of Honey Badger Creative Studio. To see more of Stephanies art practice see video here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbycjZwHWwg


Read more in an interview with Tatyanna in the Otago Daily Times, by Brittany Pooley.


 * Tatyanna is a distance tutor, in the NZ Dip in Art and Design (Ceramics) programme. The programme is delivered offsite at various locations, (see link for more info) and at The Busy Finch in Christchurch.





Published on 2 Oct 2018

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