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Otago Polytechnic School of Occupational Therapy students are bringing Dunedin’s street art to rest home residents this week.

The year-1 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy learners, who have been involved in placements within local community groups in recent months, are taking a multimedia presentation around various Dunedin rest homes.

The presentation includes images, video, music and commentary on various pieces of street art.

“We are aiming to use different types of sensations, such as visuals and auditory descriptions of the colours, textures, shapes and environment of the paintings, to provide a diverse sensory experience,” year-1 student Natajsha Nesdoly explains.

“We are also sharing facts about the artists and descriptions of the paintings. Explaining the locations of the murals is important, because certain streets will have changed a lot since the residents have last seen them. 

“We hope that seeing the beautiful art around Dunedin brings a sense of connection and pride,” Natajsha says.

“We were able to go out in the community and take most of the photos/videos ourselves. Seeing the murals first-hand allows us to share our experiences with residents and also have them express their opinions of the paintings.” 

Sarah Redfearn, Lecturer, School of Occupational Therapy, says the idea came from a student whose fieldwork last year included a presentation to rest home residents.

“It is about encouraging residents to remain involved in their communities,” Sarah says.

“And if some can’t get out and about because of a range of conditions, then bringing a sense of community to them is important, too. And it may also help motivate more field trips.”

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Published on 8 Nov 2018

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