Otago Polytechnic

MON 26 NOVEMBER, 5.30PM, N 114 (back of Print), DUNEDIN SCHOOL OF ART

holes – edges – transitions


“The strangest thing about a hole is its edge. It's still part of the Something, but it constantly overlooks the Nothing - a border guard of matter. Nothingness has no such guard; while the molecules at the edge of a hole get dizzy because they are staring into a hole, the molecules of the hole get...firmy? There's no word for it. For our language was created by the Something people; the Hole people speak a language of their own.” Kurt Tucholsky, "The Social Psychology of Holes," 1931

Holes are crucial. We live from, through, out of holes, holes to breath, holes to spit, holes to look out, holes to peep in, holes to pour in, pin holes, peep holes, bullet holes, black holes. What makes a hole a hole? Where does it start, where does it end? The ontology and quality of holes and their edges, what they are and what they do and what that has to do with our jewellery. How does a hole connect inside and outside, how are things connected in general? What makes an object three-dimensional and interesting? The course helps you to strengthen an understanding of how to develop aesthetically successful hollow shapes, to be aware of connections and edges. With some small exercises we will start build up an archive of possibilities, making models and drawings. 

Peter Bauhuis‘ work consists of jewellery and objects. But a lot of his oeuvre is not limited to these genres. He conceives exhibitions challenging the beholder as both exhibit and exhibition concept are autonomous art work. Also his numerous books must be seen as independent art productions and are part of a network of making and its perception. Peter is born in Germany and lives and works in Munich. Being trained as a jeweller, Peter studied at the Munich Academy for Fine Arts and finished with the prestigious title "Meisterschüler." Since 1999 Bauhuis showed his work in exhibitions worldwide and won numerous awards and prizes, ultimately in 2013 the highly esteemed prize of International Silver Triennial in Hanau, Germany. His work can been seen in public collections in Europe, the USA and Australia. For 10 years Peter tought at Alchimia, Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. He is a much sought-after guest professor and lecturer in universities and institutions around the world.





VENUE: N29 (back of Print), TIME: 9am - 5pm

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