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Life Drawing Drawing is a fundamental skill for all artists which expands their perception and ability to express that perception through drawing. It is also one of art's more difficult disciplines. Once you can draw the human figure, you can draw anything. The human figure is the most complex natural form and it provides us with the ultimate concentration of feeling and form. Even abstract representation of the human form cannot be done without knowing the fundamentals.

"The classic example everyone uses, Picasso, the founder of abstraction art in many ways, was an incredibly good draughtsman." says Steev Peyroux, "It's that classic thing; you've got to know the rules to break them."

People's observation was how they interpreted the world.

"Drawing is representing that. "And the thing about drawing the human form is we're drawing our own selves in many ways."

Some of the traps students fell into were getting "zoomed in" to a body part, working in high detail on a shoulder, for instance.

"They'll get round to the rest of the body and the shoulder will be way too small."

Another was "drawing what you think you know. We look at humans every day and think you know them."

Life Drawing tutor Madison Kelly said some classes were for beginners, but some are for the more experienced.

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(image: Madison Kelly, Life Drawing tutor in her studio, 2016)


Published on 17 Jan 2019

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