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Art & Money Symposium a success

Date: 4 September 2013

Following four highly successful symposias held at the Dunedin School of Art, the recent Art and Money symposium held at the Dunedin School covered many of the aspects that are associated with money in one way or another. Since money became a vehicle for financial transactions art has been a commodity of commercial exchange. This has taken a wide range of forms from buying the labour of artists, commissioning art and architecture, acting as a conduit of patronage, conveying financial value, cataloguing art as treasure. The topic covered the worlds of art dealers and auctioneers, the financing of art galleries and museums, the acquisition of collections, the storage of art in vaults as capital, as well as the design of coins and bank notes and the play of artists on the themes of money in their works.

"In the beginning there was no money and no art. But there were obligations, thanks for favours given, for gifts received, for support in contestations for power. Over time obligations became calculated, quantified, ritualised, at the same time as images began to serve rituals - oblations to the deities, the marking of the sacred, the signification of authority...art and money always went hand in hand."  (excerpt by Peter Stupples).


Art and Money Food Event from Rebekah on Vimeo.

Published on 4 Sep 2013

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