Otago Polytechnic

We need your help. Otago Polytechnic is rightly proud of our innovative culture.  We value our ability to try new things - from something quite small to new qualifications, pedagogies or learning environments/spaces (and beyond). 

Let's make sure that our culture of innovation survives the reforms.  

What do we need to see in the post-Reforms system to make sure that we can continue to innovate? 

We seek to inform the reforms by exploring the conditions and structures that have led to innovation in education.  We are asking for you to describe your experiences of innovation in education.

Your contributions will help develop a model for the future of educational innovation. 

We are interested in hearing from any past and present staff of the ITP sector.  We want to be inclusive of all educational innovations, so if in doubt the answer is “Yes” – your incomplete innovation, your small not very innovative innovation, your huge scary innovation, your innovation that was not particularly successful…you get the picture, yes it counts.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey by the 15th of April. The survey has two pages and will probably take about 10 minutes to complete.   And please share with your national networks. 

You can complete the survey here.

Hamish Smith and Samuel Mann

Published on 31 Mar 2019

Orderdate: 31 Mar 2019
Expiry: 4 Apr 2021