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This call for contributions closes 29 June 2019. 

Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Flexible Learning 5 Professional Practice is a peer-reviewed publication of Otago Polytechnic/Te Kura Matatini ki Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Scope: (Flexible Learning) 5 Professional Practice will focus on contemporary research in the post-discipline field of work-based learning and professional practice. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, history and their relationships as manifested through the experiences of researchers and practitioners in work based learning and professional practice. The focus of this issue will be transformation, and contributors will be encouraged to explore the boundaries of the changes taking place both in the development of professional frameworks of practice and in this dynamic environment.

Articles of significant original contribution to the academic field of work based learning and professional practice. Length: 2,500 – 4,000 words of text.

Case studies
The journal will publish Capable NZ graduate’s case studies, co-authored by graduates and their academic mentors or facilitators, summarising the learner’s professional transformation, and the scope, scale and topic of their professional practice. Length: 1,500 – 2,500 words of text.

Learner profiles
The journal will also accept for publication Capable NZ’s learner profiles, short-format summaries of individual learners compiled by staff from learner’s assessment submissions. 500 – 1000 words of text.


Author Guidelines

All submissions will be accepted based on successful peer-review. Submissions should be in a Word document with place markers indicated for the location of images or tables.  Images or tables should be submitted in a separate word document.  

Author summary/Abstract: Please provide a summary that will bring attention to the core concepts of the article. This box will appear in print, online, and may be used for press releases. Summaries should avoid acronyms and technical vocabulary and be accessible to the educated lay public (or undergraduate student). 

Writing Style: Writing should be clear and engaging. Articles should be accessible to members of the educated public who are not experts in the field. Author should be willing to work with a Scope editor to this end.

Referencing: All work should be adequately referenced using APA 6th Edition

Images and Tables: All images and tables must be the copyright of the author unless accompanied by permission from the original copyright holder to reprint for publication.  Images must be at least 1 MB/1000KB or more @ 300dpi.

Please submit your work by email to one of the co-editors – Malcolm Macpherson or Steve Henry

Deadline for papers is 29 June 2019.

Published on 4 Apr 2019

Orderdate: 4 Apr 2019
Expiry: 1 Jul 2019