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Tēnā koutou katoa, and welcome to the first Learning and Teaching Development team update. Each month we will be posting about Learning and Teaching Development, who we are, what we are up to, and about any upcoming events. 

Welcome to Learning and Teaching Development’s new Director 

In April of this year, Trish Chaplin-Cheyne took on the role of Director for Learning and Teaching Development. Trish has been with Learning and Teaching for four years and last November took on the role of acting director. Trish has a background in vocational tertiary education and brings to Learning and Teaching Development her experience in blended learning design, assessment design and quality assurance (pre and post assessment moderation). Learning and Teaching Development are very happy to welcome her to this role and look forward to moving towards our goals together as a team. 

Get to know our team members by visiting our updated team site on Tuhono. Find out more about us and how we can help you. 

Events coming up 

In the next month the following Educational Technology training sessions are available. All available training can be found in My learning 

Building academic capability 

Each School or College is now partnered with a member of the Learning and Teaching Development team in an ‘Academic Capability Partnership’. Through these partnerships, our aim is to build stronger connections and encourage collaboration between academic teams and the Learning and Teaching Development team. To find out more and see who your Academic Partner is, visit our Academic Capability Partnerships page on Tuhono. 

Organisational research 

Results for the First Impressions survey are available on your EvaluationKIT dashboards, and a summary report will be available shortly.  The First Impressions survey checks if any students require extra support to help them achieve their study goals, and whether they have thought about leaving Otago Polytechnic this year. 

The 2019 Semester 1 Course evaluation block will run 10 June - 7 July. We’ll get in touch soon with Heads of Schools and Programme Leaders to confirm courses for evaluation. If courses need to be evaluated earlier, please let us know. 

Don’t forget to check EvaluationKIT regularly for the latest reports for your programme and for your teaching evaluations.  Data is available back to 2014. 

Quality enhancement 

NZQA Application Deadlines (communicated via email on 27 March 2019)  

NZQA Application Deadlines: 

LAST Academic Board meeting to meet Deadlines 

Last Programme Approvals Committee meeting to meet Deadlines 

Degree – New or Type 2 change – Monday 12 August 

9 July 2019 
(Deadline for agenda items is 25 June) 

25 June 2019 
(Deadline for final documents is 11 June) 

Sub-degree – New or Type 2 change – Friday 11 October 

10 September 2019 
(Deadline for agenda items is 27 August) 

27 August 2019 
(Deadline for final documents is 13 August) 

Reminder – all Degree Type 2 changes must be submitted to the Quality Enhancement Centre by 11 June 2019. 

Working together 

Terbuka group and OP staffThis month, 11 staff members from Universitas Terbuka were in Dunedin to participate in the Advanced eLearning Programme hosted by Otago Polytechnic and Learning and Teaching Development, in collaboration with Global Engagement.  

In collaboration with Student Success we have been working on: 

  • The Wellbeing Toolbox, which was launched on the 1st April on the Student Support website and accessible through the Student Hub. The Wellbeing Toolbox is full of tools, strategies, and tips to help students support their wellbeing and study. The website aims to help students with the most common issues that lead to unsuccessful studying, withdrawals, and stress.  
  • The Studiosity pilot, which was launched earlier this year by Student Success, will run until mid- semester. Studiosity offers free online after-hours learning support and feedback for written assignments to Otago Polytechnic learners. 

In collaboration with the School of Nursing, we continue to work on the Augmented Reality Research Project to explore the uses and future of this technology in the classroom at OP. 

In case you missed it

Some further notices and blogs from the Learning and Teaching Development team this month:


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