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The latest issue of "Resilient" in the Otago Daily Times features an article about print maker Lynn Taylor.

Lynn Taylor frequently works with other artists in collaborative projects that invite community participation. These projects are shaped to explore themes of importance to that community with relationship to the environment. 

Lynn has recently returned from an artistic residency in Port Union, New Foundland where she said climate change was apparent everywhere. Another project she took part in last year was the Art+Oceans project (the sixth in the series of Art+Science projects) where she worked on a collaborative project with Dr Jenny Rock and Dr Ro Allen on ocean acidification and the impacts on phytoplankton - essential to oxygen production in the world.

She also has work currently touring in "Paradise Lost", an artist's book about Daniel Solander, a Swedish botanist who came out with Joseph Banks to record the plants of New Zealand during Captain Cook's first voyage to New Zealand. The exhibition is due to arrive in Dunedin in 2020.


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Published on 2 Jul 2019

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