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The School of Midwifery invites you to join the next Research & Innovation Seminar:

Presenter: Sally Baddock, Professor, School of Midwifery

Topic: What are the motivators and barriers to breastfeeding continuation in a mainly Māori community in New Zealand?

When: 13:00, Monday 29 July 2019

Where: Click here to connect online

Breastfeeding has many well established benefits for infant health as well as impacting on later cognitive ability and educational achievement. The age of cessation of breastfeeding is lower in many indigenous populations compared to non-indigenous populations suggesting there may be cultural specific influences. In this presentation Sally will share survey data on breastfeeding collected from a mainly Māori cohort in Hawkes Bay as part of a larger infant sleep study. The data identify the motivators and barriers to breastfeeding experienced by these women and lead on to suggestions for ways to extend breastfeeding duration in this cohort.

Bio: Professor Sally Baddock is a Professor in the School of Midwifery with leadership roles across the polytechnic and a focus on research. She has taught in the Health Sciences for over 30 years and continues to teach physiology at postgraduate level and supervises candidates for the Master of Midwifery. Sally has developed a strong platform of research in the area of infant behaviour and physiology during sleep and the impact of sleep practices on sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI). This includes investigating the benefits and risks of practices while acknowledging the importance of cultural context. She is part of a team that has produced significant research outputs from four major studies on infant sleep  – three of which have been funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand. 

These School of Midwifery Research & Innovation Seminars are held on-line via Adobe Connect roughly once per month on a Monday at 1pm.

Published on 5 Jul 2019

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