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Tēnā koutou katoa, and welcome to the Learning and Teaching Development team update for July 2019.  

Getting to know us

Each month we're shining the light on some of our team members, for you to get to know a bit more about who we are and what we're working on at the moment.

Emma Allen is one of our Learning and Teaching Specialists. She has a background in Photo Journalism and TESOL Teaching and, among other things, works on the Student Support – Te Ama Tauira website. Emma was recently the first of the team to earn the Te Reo Māori in the Workplace EduBit, and has been known to talk incessantly about making Sourdough. If asked, she will share her Sourdough bug babies. Emma has lived in England, Canada, Mexico, and married a Mexican arborist who also works at OP.

Read Emma’s blog about the Wellbeing Toolbox – Kia Kaha

Get to know our other team members by visiting our team site on Tuhono. Find out more about us and how we can help you. 

Call for abstracts 

We invite submissions for presentations at the 7th Sino NZ Vocational Education and Training Model Symposium at Qingdao Technical College, China 14-15 October 2019

Abstracts must be received by the deadline of 16 August 2019, by email to su.bolland@op.ac.nz  

Cognitive learning strategies 

The following bespoke Learning and Teaching Development workshop is now available: 

Moodle, like any form of technology, whether a PowerPoint presentation, interactive video, or the whiteboard, is essentially another teaching tool. Some tools will be more effective than others. The question is how can Moodle be a useful learning tool and interface; not something you feel is onerous or an ‘add on’ repository of course content, but an integrated platform to learning in course design, maximizing learners’ success while practising sustainability? 

Learning and Teaching Development are offering bespoke workshops which address these questions by viewing blended learning design through a cognitive learning framework developed by the Learning Scientists

Backed by psychological science, our bespoke workshop can help you evaluate and design Moodle learning activities best suited to your leaners needs. 

Interested? Please create a case in Service and one of the Learning and Teaching Development team will be in touch! 

Check out our blog: Learning and Teaching Matters: Using your noodle 

Status of Programmes Spreadsheet 2020

The Status of Programmes Spreadsheet is now available for entering delivery intent for 2020.  If a programme is going to be delivered in 2020, please indicate ‘yes’, and also indicate if you intend to make changes or not.

For programmes that have no intended changes, we can progress the status so that fee and occurrence information can be processed as soon as available.

For programmes that do have changes, which need to be processed this year for the 2020 delivery, please indicate yes, and if these changes will be ready and received by QEC before the 31 July deadline.

By actively participating with the spreadsheet, it helps the QEC plan and prioritise their workload for the remainder of the year, and also allows other services areas such as Finance, Communications, Registry etc to do the same.

The spreadsheet is available here - J:\Shared\Programmes\Status of Programmes\Status of Programmes 2020.xlsm

Please contact us or email any queries to qualityenhancement@op.ac.nz 

Organisational Research 

Semester 1 course and programme evaluation reports are available on your EvaluationKIT dashboards. Due to low levels of student engagement, you may find that there is little or no data for some courses or programmes. EvaluationKIT will display the message “No Results Found’ when there is no (or insufficient) data for a report to be generated.  

A summary of the key results from the 2019 First Impressions Survey, completed by 1597 students in March/April this year is now available here -  First Impressions of 2019  Overall, students rated the quality of teachers, their overall experience, student services and their programme as good but not excellent. Reports at various levels from OP wide to college and programme can be viewed in EvaluationKit and/or the raw data can be downloaded to create other visualisations.   

We are currently working on the Graduate Outcomes Reports (for graduates of 2018) and we should have reports available shortly. 

Please contact us with any queries orgresearch@op.ac.nz 

AIC Learning and Teaching 

The AIC Learning and Teaching team has had another busy month, with about 50% of their time temporarily redirected to supporting students in Post Graduate business courses until a more permanent and sustainable solution is put in place. It has been enlightening and useful to have direct contact with learners and has led to some interim changes to more closely align PG courses in advance of next year’s redevelopment.  

Two cohorts of GDTE participants are just finishing up their courses: Fundamentals of Tertiary Teaching and Designing Effective Assessments; with one further Fundamentals cohort approaching the halfway point in their course. The development that has taken place for those enrolled in the GDTE is becoming more and more obvious, with deeper reflection on classroom practice as well as on their courses’ assessments. This has led to closer ad-hoc engagement between AIC staff and the Learning and Teaching team, which is satisfying and productive on both sides. 

Events coming up 

In the next month the following learning and teaching events and training sessions are available to be enrolled in via My learning:  

Moodle Training Suite 

Please note: all Moodle and Educational Technology Training Suite modules are also available as online self-paced options, which can be enrolled into via My learning

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In case you missed it 

Some important need to know information, notices and blogs from the Learning and Teaching Development team: 

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