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Otago Polytechnic Fashion Design student Rosette Hailles is putting the finishing touches to her inaugural New Zealand Fashion Week 2019 collection, “The Story of a Girl who Just Wanted Pink Hair”.

Based on Rosette’s 2018 Otago Polytechnic graduate collection of the same name, the latest iteration revises and expands the concept – from five looks to eight – which will be shown as part of the Graduate Selection programme at New Zealand’s showcase fashion event, to be held in Auckland from 26 August-1 September.

“I am making an entire new collection, drawing on the aesthetics and ideas from my original graduate collection,” explains Rosette who, having graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) last year, is now completing her Honours year.

“I think the most exciting thing about this collection is the introduction of more colour and a range of screen prints.”

Interestingly, Rosette has combined her talents with those of friend, business partner and fellow Otago Polytechnic Design (Communication) student Jessie Hamilton.

“Jessie’s role has included designing prints, which I have screen-printed by hand on to different fabrics and used in a range of different pieces,” Rosette explains.

“I think the addition of more colour will be really great for the runway. Another key feature of the collection is the use of metal wear.”

Rosette’s initial inspiration for the collection came from her experience attending Catholic school throughout primary and high school.

“I felt like I was in a place I didn’t belong or fit in. I started by taking aspects associated with my school uniform. This included a tartan design. I also wanted to include elements of a straitjacket to symbolise the restrictive aspects of a school uniform.

“My goal is to shed light on things that are pushed to the side, things that people don't want to talk about, things that may offend, and things that go against popular opinion.”

Jessie graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2018 and is also completing Honours, which includes collaborating on a project with Rosette.

She has brought her own set of skills to the table, including designing graphic, print-based elements that feature in the catwalk collection.

However, Jessie says her role as a communication designer will be more apparent post-NZFW, particularly in relation to the pair’s Dunedin-based fashion label/business, BUSY GOING CRAZY. 

“I do social media and design as well as run our website. I’ll be photographing and documenting the collection at NZ Fashion Week as well as designing communication material such as swing tags and posters,” Jessie says.

“We will be hosting a pop-up store/exhibition In Dunedin after Fashion Week and I will also be designing the space and marketing for that. 

“Rosette's collection and BUSY GOING CRAZY have some overarching values and are of very similar design aesthetic,” Jessie explains.

“BUSY GOING CRAZY is a local fashion brand that values and nurtures individual identity and freedom of expression. Inspired by our own experiences within the creative circles of Dunedin, BUSY GOING CRAZY subverts tradition, authority and conformity to inspire individuality, rebellion and divergence.” 

The pair set up BUSY GOING CRAZY at the start of 2018, initially collaborating on a limited  run of print-based t-shirts and hoodies  as part of a pop-up shop running during Dunedin’s iD Fashion Week – in particular, its Emerging Designer Awards show and competition.

“We are not only design partners but business partners,” Jessie says. “Our collaborative process is very natural and, since we are such good friends, it works well.”

“Showing at NZFW 2019 enables us to showcase our collection on a national scale. It is a huge opportunity to present our creative vision and, in all honesty, it is as nerve-wracking as it is exciting.

“It is a huge honour to be selected and a major highlight of our careers. We will use our experience and presence at NZ Fashion Week after to market and promote ourselves.

“Hopefully, our work will attract interest from the Industry and some of our favorite designers.”

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Published on 14 Aug 2019

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