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We've now completed the detailed analysis of the employer interviews about Learner Capabilities.

During the Phase One research, during 2018, detailed notes and recordings were taken during the employer interviews. These identified both the 10 most desirable capabilities that related to the research clusters, and also a wealth of information relating to the different nuances associated with this phase of the study and the workplace. With funding from Ako Aotearoa, in 2019 we have transcribed and analysed the long-form interview, extrapolating further nuanced information from each employer’s interview that gives colour to their choices for the 10 most desirable capabilities. It also provides other interpretations of the ideas of capabilities in the workplace, and for graduates. The findings will inform the research team going forward and the implementation team around the mapping of the tool into the classroom.

You can read about the results sector by sector in our Employer Transcript Analysis, presenting the summary analyses of interview transcripts for 15 areas. The priorities mentioned above can be recognised in these analyses but more information is also made available. For example, the employer/stakeholder views on complexities around capabilities, and impressions of the Learner Capability Framework as a whole. It also canvases their experiences of Otago Polytechnic graduates, ideas about the online tool for tracking evidence of capabilities, and reflections of Otago Polytechnic education for capabilities and competencies. Salient comments by employers/stakeholders are included.

The Employer Transcript Analysis is available online here.

We have also made available the toolkit of resources that we used for this stage of the research.

August 2019

Published on 27 Aug 2019

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