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This week (9 – 15 Mahuru) is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week – and our Kaitohutohu Office has put together a suite of events and activities to help you lift your Reo game.

The theme of the week is toi te kupu, toi te mana, toi te whenua – the permanence of the language, prestige and land – and what better way to celebrate this theme than with the release of our Māori Language Strategy?


Māori Language Strategy

We are pleased to announce that our Māori Language Strategy has been approved by Komiti Kāwanataka and by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The full strategy is 12 pages long, so we have a made a handy one-pager for quick reference.

View the one-pager here.

View the full strategy here.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Māori Language Strategy quiz on Tūhono next week – everyone who completes the quiz will go in the draw to win a prize.


Pronunciation sessions

Trying to learn Te Reo and worried about your pronunciation? Come along to a fun and non-judgemental session led by Shaun Tahau, Kaiarahi. There is no need to book – just pop in to whichever session suits you.

Rāhina (Monday) 9
G Block: G201

Rātū (Tuesday) 10
Sargood: Z115  

Rāpare (Thursday) 12
Cumberland Street: D103

Rāmere (Friday) 13
L Block: L105


Te Reo Māori quiz

Rāapa (Wednesday) 11
G Block: G106

Come along to fun and easy Te Reo Māori quiz and be in to win great prizes! Dr Gianna Leoni will lead the quiz, which is an opportunity to work your brain, have a laugh, and learn some new facts to impress your friends with. Everyone is welcome, and there is no need to book.


Phrase of the day

Tūhono and our digital screens will display a rerenga korero mō te rā – phrase of the day.


Free treats at Eden

Order your hot drink in Te Reo Māori during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori and you’ll receive a free treat from Eden Café.

Pick your coffee cup size…
Iti                                 Small
Waenga                       Medium
Nui                               Large

Your favourite beverage…
Kawhe                         Coffee
Mōwai                         Flat white
Pango roa                   Long black
Pango poto                  Short black
Kaputino                      Cappuccino
Moka                           Mocha
Rate                            Latte
Kapu Tī                        Cup of tea

And your milk type…
Miraka kirimi               Full fat milk
Miraka kore kirimi       Trim
Miraka Pīni                  Soy
Miraka kokonati          Coconut

Check out this handy chart for more information.


Hub display

While you’re at Eden ordering your kawhe, check out our Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori table display. 



Polyfest is also being held next week … check Facebook for details.


…and more!

During the week members from our Kaitohutohu Office will also engage with external stakeholders by running tikaka workshops for other organisations.

Published on 5 Sep 2019

Orderdate: 5 Sep 2019
Expiry: 6 Sep 2021

Title Date Time Location Facilitator
Te Reo Māori pronunciation Monday, 09 September 2019 12:00pm ~1:00pm G Block: G201 Shaun Tahau
Te Reo Māori pronunciation Tuesday, 10 September 2019 12:00pm ~1:00pm Sargood: Z115 Shaun Tahau
Te Reo Māori quiz Wednesday, 11 September 2019 12:30pm ~1:30pm G Block: G106 Dr Gianna Leoni
Te Reo Māori pronunciation Thursday, 12 September 2019 12:00pm ~1:00pm Cumberland Street: D103 Shaun Tahau
Te Reo Māori pronunciation Friday, 13 September 2019 12:00pm ~1:00pm L Block: L105 Shaun Tahau