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Eating animals- should we stop? by Jonathan Safran-Foe. 

The short answer is YES WE SHOULD STOP eating animals, and after reading this book, that is exactly what I did. I had already stopped eating fish and after reading this book that decision was affirmed.

The book is incredibly well researched and referenced, and gives a harrowing insight into factory farming and slaughter houses. While it is based in America, people will know that our NZ system is almost identical in relation to the lives of chickens and pigs, and shares many similarities for lives of dairy and meat cows.

The book not only speaks about animal rights and unnecessary (but rife) animal cruelty within the system, but also about the risks to human health due to practices including high use of antibiotics in meat animals, and associated risks with H1N1 flu viruses increasing.

The book speaks about climate change issues attributed to eating meat. It also speaks about the industrialisation of the seas and the fishing methods that catch not only the target but catch everything else including sea birds like 'dear to our hearts' penguins and albatross, and of course decimate the sea floor.

This book challenges readers to think beyond taste and cheap meat cuts to engage with the problems and act in a caring way. Caring about animals lives, deaths, the environment in which they live, and challenges us to be engaged with the food system.

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Published on 27 Sep 2019

Orderdate: 27 Sep 2019
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