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In response to an increasing demand for Moodle technical support we are piloting a Moodle Service Hub for the remainder of 2019. Otago Polytechnic learners will be employed as Moodle Service Technicians, supported by the Learning and Teaching Development team, to support your Moodle needs.

What does that mean for you?

Moodle Service Technicians will be available to support Programme Teams, with your online Moodle development and to help you ensure your Moodle courses meet Otago Polytechnic’s online minimum requirements.

Moodle Service Hub tasks

Moodle Service Technicians will be available to support your Programme Team in the following ways:

  • Transfer any older-format Moodle courses to the Blended course template to ensure consistency across your programme

  • Backup and archive programmes and courses that have been identified by academic staff as no longer required on Moodle, due to re-design and/or post TROQ review

    Please note: a Moodle stocktake is currently being undertaken to prepare for this work, and your Academic Capability Partner will be in touch soon to discuss how we can support you

  • Ensure correct use of copyrighted material and finding relevant creative commons images or Open Educational Resources (OERs)

  • Build and upload online content and activities to Moodle, that are time-consuming for academic staff to do (e.g. populating quiz questions, building H5P activities or course content)

    Please note: this content must have already been prepared by academic staff, ready to build or develop in Moodle

  • Complete thorough user experience testing in your online courses (e. test all course components from a learner’s perspective e.g. test links are working, instructions are clear) to ensure consistency and online best practices are met.

When will this start?

Employment processes are currently underway, and Moodle Service Technicians will be available during November and December 2019.

How can I get support from the Moodle Service Hub?

Programme Leaders (or nominated programme team contact person) need to:

  1. Create a case in Service for the Learning and Teaching Development team
  2. Outline what support you require (Please note: the support requested must be from the tasks identified in the tasks list above)

Please consult with your Academic Capability Partner if you would like to discuss any ideas or Moodle support needs you may have.

For general Moodle support and/or training, please continue to create a case in Service for the Learning and Teaching Development team and your request will be assigned to a Learning and Teaching Specialist.

Moodle development projects

Ideas are also sought for Moodle development projects in specific subject areas.

If you have an idea for a more substantial or innovative use for Moodle within your programme, the Learning and Teaching Development team is keen to help you turn this idea into a 'real-world' work experience project suitable for OP learners (e.g. learners from Information Technology or Design Communication programmes looking for industry projects).

Please contact your Academic Capability Partner if you would like to discuss any ideas that you have for a specific Moodle development project.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Published on 30 Oct 2019

Orderdate: 30 Oct 2019
Expiry: 31 Oct 2021