Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic welcomes the announcement that Dunedin will host the New Zealand Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE).

A national hub that will support the development of a $1 billion video game industry over the next decade, CODE will be backed by $10 million from the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund. This will be invested into several initiatives designed to develop the games industry and create new economic growth and sustainable employment opportunities.

Otago Polytechnic CEO Phil Ker: “Our goal is to produce graduates that can step into the industry with immediately applicable skills. Therefore, designing fit-for-purpose vocational courses will play a pivotal role in the success of CODE.

“The Government’s decision is a major endorsement of the city’s ability to make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s growing digital economy – and, as a leading tertiary education provider, Otago Polytechnic has a significant role to play.

“Creative thinkers, people who possess not only hard skills but much sought-after soft skills, are crucial to the development of this sector,” Ker says.

“Otago Polytechnic focuses strongly on capabilities such as communication and collaboration. Thus our graduates are highly valued by digital companies such as Runaway and Weta.”

Otago Polytechnic enables students to work in agile, project-based teams in Dunedin, combining coding (our Bachelor of Information Technology students) with modelling, world-building and game narratives (Bachelor of Design-Communication).

“We welcome the chance to contribute even more to our city’s growing creative economy,” Ker says.

“Also, our EduBits micro-credentialing programme offers a highly flexible mechanism for meeting immediate workforce development needs.”

Published on 30 Oct 2019

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