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Do you know how your learners feel about their online learning experience? 

In recent Student Opinion and OPSA surveysfrom a wide range of programmes here at OP, our learners have provided some feedback about their experiences using Moodle: 

“The Moodle platform that we used was not well organised and very hard to use. Finding information is difficult and often missed. 

“Should be a consistent format across all papers, often additional resources (readings, things of interest etc.) not very organised. New lecturers have seemed to struggle with getting things uploaded.” 

“Moodle is a mess. Although the program appears to be a good teaching platform, it is poorly organised by individual lecturers.” 

“The difference between the layout between each class was hard to follow from time to time and frustrating when needing to locate items/sources and having to click around the whole website before finding.” 

Making it easier to find the relevant class materials would be great, instead of having to sort through sometimes so much material in order to find things. It often proves tiresome.” 

We are here to help you 

If you’ve had this kind of feedback from your learners, then we are here to help you!

Learning and Teaching Development have designed a Blended course templatewhich is specifically designed to help ensure all Moodle courses within a programme are consistent.  

Why use a blended course template 

 Three advantages of using a blended course template


Read more about the advantages of using a blended course template in Rachel Cash’s article from Scope, Learning and Teaching 5, December 2018:

The Perfect Blend: Building Academic Capability in Technology-enhanced Learning Practice Through the Use of a Blended Course Template 

This article from ElearningWorld.org is also a really good read:

Improving the online student experience – Are your students getting what they need from your course? 

If your programme is not yet using the Blended course template, please contact your Programme Leader or Academic Capability Partner for assistance to update courses within your programme over the summer. 

Published on 25 Nov 2019

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