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More from Engineering student Lucas Blade – Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Technology at Stralsund University, Germany! 

“I have been able to settle in on the campus here and have been very busy with the all the lectures. I quickly learned there are quite a few differences as to how New Zealand and Germany deal with education.

"Once I started attending the classes, I noticed the gap between what was being taught and my previous knowledge. All the other students have graduated with a four year University Engineering Degree and are studying their Masters. I am very interested in the classes I am taking, which helps in me studying the fundamentals to catch up with the rest of the class.

"Not many other Universities know about Hydrogen Technology other than what is offered in Germany and Japan, so I made the right decision in coming here to learn about this alternative renewable energy source. Additionally, I have joined the Hydrogen Racing Team here to learn how Hydrogen Technology is practically applied in a vehicle, hoping this experience will assist me with my class. I have also found the class Solar Systems to be very interesting.

"There have been quite a few events hosted for the international students and I have been attending most to keep social and interactive with Stralsund. Luckily, I have been meeting some very kind and helpful people here. I’m surprised with how many English speaking internationals have travelled here to study as well. I look forward to the future events and what this month has to offer.”

This is just one of many opportunities for OP students to learn and study abroad this year. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about international opportunities for your learners.

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Published on 2 Dec 2019

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