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Mapping the Anthropocene in ¯Otepoti/Dunedin: climate change, community and research in the creative arts

Increasingly, the wider creative arts are used to bridge the abstract knowledge of climate change and its lived experience across generations and in local as well as global contexts.

The Symposium will explore the use of creative media to make intelligible and relevant the complex data of climate change and the wider issues of planetary changes characterized by the term Anthropocene and its alternatives: Capitalocene, Necrocene, Chthulucene and others. Papers and presentations or displays will include community actions, presentations and projects from art, architecture, design and further afield.

The symposium will be presented in the context of community presentations and displays on the impacts of climate change as it may play out specifically here in Ōtepoti/Dunedin and a curated exhibition of artworks.


Suggested themes/conference streams:

Climate change in the context of kaupapa Māori: understandings of kaitiakitaka and kaupapa Māori in the context of Te Ao Māori

Mappings, presentations and artworks that engage embodied understandings through the range of senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, proprioception)

Scalar connections such as the global and the local

Generational differences; socio-political contexts

Emotional impacts

Climate literacy

Future living skills / food and energy resilience

Ecosystems, biodiversity and extinctions


Urban growth

Community actions

Art/science/Sci arts debates

New economic and political models


Dates: Saturday September 26 – Sunday September 27 2020.
Venue: Dunedin School of Art and Otago Polytechnic | Te Kura Matatini ki Otago, Dunedin Ōtepoti


This conference is presented by the Dunedin School of Art and Te Maru Pūmanawa | College of Creative Practice and Enterprise in association with the 150th anniversary of the Dunedin School of Art and its roles in the histories of the wider creative arts in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 


(image: NASA satellite photo of Otago Peninsula and Otago Harbour.)


Published on 18 Dec 2019

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