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This special issue of Scope Art & Design responds to the theme - Animals at the Edge which seeks to examine some of the complicated ideas surrounding both the production of animal imagery within postmodern art practices and contemporary understandings of working with animals. We invite contributions that examine the conditions of ethical responsibility, representations of animals, and anthropomorphism and why it is more important than ever to think with animals. What does the term thinking with animals mean in relation to factory farming, the anthropomorphism of Disney, the curation of animal collections in museums and galleries  and conservation efforts to save local indigenous species, climate crisis, habitat loss and extinction rates?  Contact Michele Beevors <> the issue editor for more information. Contributions must be recieved by 30 April 2020. Guidelines for contributors can be found here

Published on 12 Feb 2020

Orderdate: 12 Feb 2020
Expiry: 8 Jun 2020