Otago Polytechnic

Upskill, develop resilience, and be yourself, were among tips given to students at our BizTech event last night.

The theme of the event was Skills for 2020 and Beyond. Three industry guests delivered short presentations giving their insights on the topic.

Moumita Das Roy, who works in Marketing and Product Management at Compass Communications, talked about the importance of transferrable skills, upskilling, networking, and personal branding.

She also recommended volunteering as a way to get local experience.

“My first referee in this country was from the place I was volunteering.”

Absolute IT Candidate Manager Mark Beltran said it took him 315 job applications, 52 phone calls and 15 interviews to find his dream job.

The most beneficial skill students could develop was resilience, he said.  

To build that resilience he suggested they set targets, surround themselves with positivity, keep a happy journal, pay it forward, and be kind to themselves.

Bank of New Zealand Senior Manager Simplification & Conduct Ben Lorimer advised students to be curious and never stop asking questions.

He said boldness was admirable and they shouldn’t be afraid to contribute their suggestions and answers.

His final piece of advice was “be yourself” and bring everything to work including your culture and background.

“Bring your whole self to work because that’s what makes workplaces successful – is when you’ve got that diversity of thought and that diversity of skill and experience.”

After the presentations, attendees had the chance to ask questions and network.

The aim of the event was to allow our students to deepen their understanding of the skills and learner capabilities required to succeed in the current and future workforce in New Zealand and globally. 

We invited them to share what they had learned on our Facebook page.

Check out the photos here.

Published on 21 Feb 2020

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