Otago Polytechnic

Colleagues from across Learning and Teaching Development, Capable NZ, and the College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences came together recently to develop classroom practices to ensure the successful integration of learners from Dalian Ocean University in China.

There are 11 learners from China who will be entering the third and final year of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology programme, with one entering the second year, and another currently studying English.

The two workshops, which focused on the characteristics of, and learning strategies for, Chinese learners, explored the challenge for learners and teachers in developing cross-cultural capability and learning currency.

Delivered by Jeremy Hanshaw, from Learning and Teaching Development, and Jeremy Taylor, from Capable NZ, over four hours within two weeks, the workshops also included scaffolding strategies and examined how to get the most out of group work in the classroom.

Colleagues will have the opportunity to further develop their practice with light touch observations from the LTD team, should they so wish, who will make recommendations on how to fine tune course delivery and knowledge generation to the benefit of all learners and colleagues.

Learning and Teaching Development and Global Engagement would be very pleased to discuss how similar services can be provided in other programmes.

Published on 3 Mar 2020

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