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COVID-19 Learner Toolbox

Support your learners' online learning journey and their wellbeing with the COVID-19 Learner Toolbox.

The COVID-19 Learner Toolbox draws together a selection of resources a learner might need during the COVID-19 lockdown and to support their online studies.

The Learner Toolbox was created by Student Success and Learning and Teaching Development from new and existing online resources on the Student Support Te Ama Tauira website.

Quick links to contact details for OP Support Services are also included.

Visit the COVID-19 Learner Toolbox

Learner Toolbox content

Resources cover wellbeing aspects and technical information:

Stay positive, stay connected, keep learning.

Access to the Learner Toolbox

Learners can access the COVID-19 Learner Toolbox through:Moodle side block


This page and its resources are a work in progress. There are currently several new resources being developed to join this selection. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the content, please email Emma Allen from Learning and Teaching Development.

Published on 1 Apr 2020

Orderdate: 1 Apr 2020
Expiry: 2 Apr 2022