Otago Polytechnic

THURS 11 JUNE, 12.00 – 1.00 PM, ONLINE


Jane Venis and Hannah Joynt

Visual interpretation of sound and audio interpretation of mark making is a continuing exploration of ‘drawing as a language.’


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In September 2019 they took part in the Buinho Creative Hub Residency in Portugal where they further developed their experimental practice. In this seminar they will talk about their residency and how their practice is continuing to develop from that experience. They will also introduce works from their residency shown as part of their recent exhibition at CICA Museum in South Korea.

Hannah Joynt is a contemporary drawing practitioner who works in a range of media, processes and scales. Her studio practice is concerned with researching notions of ‘drawing as a language.’

Jane Venis is a musician, performance artist and maker of sculptural musical instruments. Her work is often playful and experimental and engagement with the viewer is critical to her practice.

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