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The Surface Design Association is pleased to announce that Stella Lange of Dunedin, New Zealand has been granted the Award of Excellence for her works Talking while Masked - a seven piece collection of face masks, at a group show of textile works - "Dreaming Of The Future", with New Zealand members of the Surface Design Association. Stella Lange is a maker and educator, working as a Principle Lecturer in the School of Design, Otago Polytechnic.
The selected works by New Zealand members of The Surface Design Association is showing at Out of the Blue Studio Gallery, until February 15th 2021 in Opunake in Taranaki. 
Surface Design Association is based in the United State of America but has a growing international membership. Members have a cross-disciplinary approach that includes anthropology, museum and curatorial studies, and community engagement. SDA aims to generate new ideas and provide a pathway towards multiple perspectives on particular issues including the politics of research and representation from within both an academic and artistic institutional setting, through the medium of textiles.
The "Dreaming Of The Future" exhibition, explored responses to the past year 2020. In these times of huge upheaval socially, financially and politically we are all facing a future of a different shape from the past we are walking from. While there is much reason for fear and tension there is also an indomitable human spirit for survival and we have also witnessed the powerful restorative force of Mother Nature. Both these ‘influencers’ can be ‘vaccines’ for strengthening our humanity as we move forward into this uncharted territory.
Two other Dunedin artists were selected for the Textiles exhibition; Christine Keller and Pam McKinlay, both from the Dunedin Loom Room. Pam McKinlay is a weaver and textile artist with a background in applied science and history of art who works at the Dunedin School of Art.

A series of artist talks and studio visits will be created in a virtual format so this exhibition is easily available to all members of the Association worldwide. The exhibition will also be available on The Surface Design Association web page as a virtual exhibition. https://www.surfacedesign.org/ All links will be posted on this website for the gallery.

The opportunity for the exhibition arose after a visit to Aotearoa New Zealand by curator and editor Elizabeth Kozlowski, Editor, Surface Design Journal (US), with funding support from Creative New Zealand (CNZ) and the Costume & Textile Association of New Zealand (CTANZ).Funding for the Dunedin visit was contributed by Otago Polytechnic. Elizabeth is currently Editor of the Surface Design Journal (US) and an independent curator, arts consultant and collections manager based in America.

Published on 25 Jan 2021

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