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We are requesting submissions for the sixth issue of the journal Scope: Contemporary Research Topics (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu).

Scope: Contemporary Research Topics (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu) is a peer reviewed publication edited by the Office of the Kaitohutohu at Otago Polytechnic. The aims of this publication are to:

  • Provide writing and publishing opportunities for faculty and postgraduate candidates here and at other tertiary institutions, while also inviting dialogue with other scholars and artists
  • Assist new and emerging researchers through critical feedback and editorial support, while also considering submissions from more senior academics
  • Reflect and disseminate research undertaken by Māori, while making connections with related work within our community of practice
  • Foster critical Māori research in and through Te Pūkenga and our motu.

The 2021 edition of Scope (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu) focuses on the concept of kaitiakitaka, which was also the theme for the 2020 Māori Research Symposium held at Otago Polytechnic in December. Kaitiakitaka has been described as guardianship, stewardship or custodianship. The various meanings of ‘tiaki’ centre around the notion of guarding, protecting and conserving, therefore a ‘kaitiaki’ is someone who guards, protects or conserves. The addition of the suffix –‘taka’ (the Kāi Tahu dialectal equivalent of ‘-tanga’) changes the verb into an abstract noun, and so ‘kaitiakitaka’ is the concept of guardianship, protection and conservation that is threaded through Māori social, cultural, economic and spiritual systems that were established through iwi and hapū association with their environments. In contemporary times, kaitiakitaka can relate to the notion of sustainability, protecting that which we regard as ‘taoka’ (that which we treasure and hold dear to us).

Contributions that explore the concept of kaitiakitaka across a range of different disciplines are welcomed, as is work which is co-constructed, a product of interdisciplinary research and community collaborations. Scope (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu) aims to reflect the range of research activities being undertaken in and through Te Pūkenga and our motu. Formats may include:

  • Articles (in some instances, clustered around a topic)
  • Visual essays and narratives
  • Poetry
  • Book reviews

Scope (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu) will be published in hardcopy and online, with the latter version including moving images, where appropriate. Downloading from the website will be free.

Please take note of the following points before submission:

  • Anonymised submissions are sent to reviewers
  • All reviews are kept confidential by the editors at all times
  • In certain cases, moving images may be included in the online version of Scope (Kaupapa Kāi Tahu).
  • In cases where authors have worked together, the double submission will be published together and laid out in ways which signal that they were meant to be alongside each other
  • The use of first person in writing is acceptable for this journal.
  • Contributors are expected to make a strong attempt at proofreading all submissions.
  • Please refer to specifications (attached)
  • The due date for your contribution is 5.00pm on Friday 9 April, 2021 via email to kaitohutohu@op.ac.nz (please refer to attached specifications)

Nāia te mihi uruhau ki a koe i raro i tēnei kaupapa.

Nā Scott Klenner
Tumuaki: Rakahau Māori

Published on 22 Feb 2021

Orderdate: 22 Feb 2021
Expiry: 20 Apr 2021