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Anna-Marie Mirfin may have completed a Bachelor of Visual Art, but her connections to Otago Polytechnic continue in the form of an exhibition in the Hub.

Anna-Marie’s “SUPPORT: Rūma Hui/Meeting Room H105”, has its official opening on Thursday, February 25, and runs until March 5.

Subtle, thoughtful and beautifully constructed, the work will test the viewer’s ability to see for themselves – and to look intelligently.

Utilising ceramics, strings, museum putty, engraved glass, video and other found items, the evolving installation is both a continuation of an earlier exhibition by Anne-Marie, titled “Urban Ecologies” (2020, and an ongoing response to Otago Polytechnic’s Hub, gardens and, specifically, room H105.

Displayed as part of the Dunedin School of Art’s 2020 end-of-year student exhibition, “Urban Ecologies” formed a network of possible connections between different entities and moments experienced in local urban environments. The project manifested as a multimedia web composed of fibers with found/made items and video works embedded throughout.

“Rūma Hui/Meeting Room H105” brings together elements from “Urban Ecologies” that are relevant to this particular site: ceramic pieces made in response to the song of birds often seen around the Polytechnic campus; a video responding to the song of a Tui and connective strings that find new attachment points/supports in concrete, glass, and carpet.

The installation also integrates assemblages made with items found in the nearby area (including spray-painted debris linked to a new on-site building development).

Within the installation there are various responses to birdsong in drawing, video and ceramics, alongside assemblages of found materials linked to the Otago Polytechnic gardens,” Anna-Marie explains.

“Thinking about the installation in its new context, the words on the exterior of the room – 'Support' and 'Rūma Hui/Meeting Room' – all communicate with the work.

“This 'support' could refer to structural reinforcement, as well as care and balance in mutualistic relationships, while 'Rūma Hui/Meeting Room' could consider the gathering or coming together of many different elements in the space.”

“People are invited to use the space (respectfully). They are free to use any drawing materials provided to respond to the Hub, gardens, or other ecological networks.”


“SUPPORT: Rūma Hui/Meeting Room H105”, by Anna-Marie Mirfin.

Ceramics, strings, museum putty, engraved glass, video and other found items.

Published on 22 Feb 2021

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